Countries of Destination  

We DO ship sealed psilocybin mushroom, Shroom Chocolate bars and Mushroom Spores to countries like the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and many more!

We do NOT ship to :

Belarus, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Philippines, Russia, Singapore (& some other countries that have armed conflicts, such as Ukraine and Syria).

Transport Methods


Track & Trace

Track & trace courier delivery is possible to most countries! 

You will receive tracking updates in your inbox, and you can call the shipping company if you want to make an appointment at a certain time or place.

It is more secure than Basic (untracked) shipping. It costs a bit more, but the shipping speed & service will be better.  For every country we have a different courier, the best one will be picked by our distribution center.

Transit Time

From our place to yours

  • Inside Europe, USA and Australia the transit time is usually between 2 and 6 days depending on your shipping method.
  • Outside Europe, USA and Australia it usually takes longer; between 4 and 14 days depending on your shipping method.

Discreet Packaging


Stealth like a Klingon 

We pack our products in a discreet way. No mention of our company or our products is mentioned on the outside of the package. Only the shipping address you typed in our webshop.

Anonymous Psilocybin Mushrooms

  • This is how we usually pack our dried magic mushrooms very discreet, safe and secured.

Anonymous Mushroom Spores 

  • This is how we usually pack magic mushrooms spores very discreet, safe and secured.

No fancy boxes

No matter how much we would like to send these type of colorful boxes, we still decided to keep it simple.. After eating our products the boxes may become more colorful though.

  • not even the mailman will know
  • or the mailwoman of course!

Ordering FAQ

How can I pay for my order?

Once you have placed an order in our website, you will receive an email on how to pay. Please read carefully and follow the steps.

When will I receive payment conformation?

Once you’ve made a payment, it takes a few hours before the payment is cleared and visible in our account. Once we see the payment and administer it, you will receive a payment confirmation email.

How discreet is the packaging?

We ship our products in discreet plain envelopes/boxes, with no mention of any ‘magic’ contents. NO logo’s, NO business names, NO manuals, etc.

You can not feel from the outside what is in the package. It is hard material.

We tape it so that it’s not easy to open. But, not too much tape, so it won’t look as if someone really did his best to make sure no one can open it.
We never send any invoices with the packages. Invoices are only via email.

Do you ship to a P.O. box?

You can have the package shipped to any address you type in on your order, we directly copy-paste this. Please make sure to really check the address and make sure it is correct and complete.

What is the shipping / transit time?

This really depends on the country you order from.

Within USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and UK: between 2-5 working days ( from the moment it’s shipped)

Outside Europe: it is around 7 or more working days.

If you have a special date in mind, please order timely.

How long till you ship out?

We ship out once we have received and administered your payment. First you receive a payment received email and then we ship out.

Is my data safe and secured?

We guard your data

Oregon Magic Mushroom Shop, Co. values privacy just as much as you do.

Therefore we do not sell, rent or otherwise distribute contact information from our customers to any other parties. We are a registered business offering only legal products, and therefore our customers are protected from infringement or inspection from the government.

We use a secure databank, and our website-forms are SSL protected.

Ordering at Oregon Magic Mushroom Shop requires the customer to enter their name, address and email address. You can use any nickname you want on your shipping address, or any secondary email to receive your updates.

Magic Mushrooms FAQs

How long does a magic mushroom trip last?

A magic mushroom trip typically lasts 4 hours, depending on how heavy your dosage is. It takes about 30 minutes-1 hour to take effect. Sometimes even 2 hours.

What are magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms, a.k.a shrooms, contain the hallucinogenic compounds called psilocybin. When consumed, this compounds lead you to hallucinate or have a “trip.”

What are the effects of magic mushrooms?

The effects of shrooms vary by:

  • person
  • dosage
  • environment.      

They range from positive effects, neutral effects, and negative effects.  

The following are a general list of effects. They do not include & define all shroom experiences: 

Positive Effects 

  • Laughter 
  • Euphoria 
  • Spiritual insight  
  • Self-reflection
  • Feelings of wonder 
  • Better flow of ideas (on creative and philosophical ordeals)   

Neutral Effects 

  • Emotional sensitivity 
  • Changes in time perception 
  • Light sensitivity 
  • Visual hallucinations (open and closed-eye) 
  • Pupil Dilation 
  • Lethargy 

Negative Effects  

  • Intense fear
  • Nausea 
  • Anxiety 
  • Confusion  
  • Vertigo 
How long do shrooms last in your system?

Shrooms last in your system for about 24-72 hours.

Can magic mushrooms cure depression?

Fundamentally, magic  mushrooms (psilocybin) is not a cure for symptoms, illnesses or mental disorders. Rather it may give insightfulness and objective perspective for why a person is depress, therefore offering clearness for the cloudy mind.

Can shrooms give you brain damage?

No, shrooms cannot give you brain damage.

Can you die from shrooms?

As the great Terence McKenna once said “Only from astonishment.”

If you want to know more, can you overodse on magic mushrooms.